Call for Papers The 15th International Conference on the RICA


Call for Papers 

The 15th International Conference 

on the Regional Innovation and Cooperation in Asia (RICA)  

Online, November 5, 2021 

The Future of Asia: 

The Asian Economy after Covid-19 Pandemic”

The coronavirus outbreak, which has infected many people around the world,  has affected almost all sectors including economy. The economic impact of  coronavirus varies from stock markets to labor market and daily consumption.  Government of each country is, therefore, implementing various programs to  reduce people's economic difficulties caused by coronavirus. Most countries  around the world have been affected by coronavirus, but the extent of  economic damage varies from country to country. Government responses also  vary by country. Covid-19 pandemic will probably bring many changes in the  future, which gives us the question how we should respond to the changes. 
Hence, Department of Economics and IEIT(Institute of Economics and  International Trade), Pusan National University(PNU) of Republic of Korea,  together with Jinan University of P.R. China, Ritsumeikan University of Japan,  and School of Development Economics, National Institute of Development  Administration(NIDA) will host the 15th RICA conference focusing on 
"The Future  of Asia: The Asian Economy after Covid-19 Pandemic". We invite you to submit  a research paper related to the conference theme or paper in the fields of  Economics and Business to be presented and discussed in the conference. Due  to the ongoing impact of the pandemic, 2021 RICA conference will be held  fully online. Date: November 05 (Fri.), 2021 Venue: Online

Date: November 05 (Fri.), 2021 Venue: Online
Submission deadline 
Abstract (about 300 words): September 03, 2021 Full paper (maximum 20 pages): October 08, 2021 
Abstracts and papers should be submitted electronically to Dr. Sunghee Choi  ( or to contact person of each RICA member institutes.
Tentative Schedule of the Conference 
9:00-10:00 Opening remarks and keynote speakers 10:00-12:30 Plenary session presentation and Panel Discussion  "The Future of Asia: The Asian Economy after Covid-19 Pandemic" The panelist 
Representative of PNU Representative of Ritsumeikan University Representative of Jinan University  Representative of NIDA 13:30-16:30 Parallel sessions  
RICA member institutes: 
College of Economics, Ritsumeikan University  Contact person: Prof. Yamai, Toshiaki ( 
School of Development Economics, National Institute of Development  Administration (NIDA) Contact person: Prof. Sethapramote, Yuthana (yuthanas**********) 
Department of Economics, Pusan National University Contact person: Prof. Lee, Keunjae ( Dr. Choi, Sunghee ( 
 College of Economics, Jinan University Contact person: Prof. Mei, Linhai (linhai2000************) 
 For further information, please contact Dr. Choi, Sunghee.